We have a lot of know-how to make a dialer application such as SmartDialer™. To share our technologies with anyone who wants to use it, we have extracted the key functions from our products and made it as modules. Now, you can build your own application with 'SmartDialer™ Development Kit'!

SmartDialer™ Development Kit provides almost the whole features of it's original applications following this, and moreover it runs as a standalone application on your iPhone.

  • Keypad based Dialer Module (w/Customized DTMF Sounds)
  • Initial Consonant based Contacts Search Module for Korean and English
  • Location based Phone Number Formartters for Korea and US.
  • Pressing Keypad typed Shortcuts Module
  • Various Animation Effects
  • Supports iOS4 Multi-tasking

We believe that it can be a good tutorial and saves your valuable time. If you want to use this modules or need our supports for customizing this, contact us. :)

* SmartDialer™ Development Kit is only for enterprise users now, but we believe that we can provide it for community users in the near future.